Effective Marriage Counseling
for Boulder Area Couples

Imagine having a relationship that doesn’t hurt all the time.

Now you can have one that feels good with the help of a master marriage counselor with 40 years of experience and a proven approach.

You’re in a crisis. You’re hurting.

Things have been going downhill in your relationship for far too long. The pain has reached the point where it has to stop. You can’t continue this way. You fear that if things don’t improve soon you might split up.

You’ve tried your best to resolve your relationship problems on your own, but it just isn’t working. You’ve realized you need expert support… a marriage counselor who can help save your relationship and steer it towards a deeper, more fulfilling intimacy.

You want…

  • A relationship that doesn’t hurt all the time.
  • A relationship that feels good.

I’m Dr. Jay Lindsay, and I’ve been called “a master marriage counselor… a true emergency room doctor for couples in crisis.”

Here are some of the problems I can help you solve at my marriage counseling Boulder office:

  • You’re in distress due to threats of divorce or an extramarital affair.
  • You’re in constant destructive conflict.
  • Your relationship is characterized by a “coldness” that seems to get worse each day.
  • You are sexually dissatisfied.
  • You’re having repeated fights over the same issues.
  • You’re grieving the loss of joy and spontaneity in your relationship.

My track record of success providing marriage counseling for Boulder area couples can help you turn things around. It can help stop the pain… stop the chaos… and stop the constant struggle.  Healing really is possible through couples therapy or marriage counseling in Boulder.

marriage counseling boulder

I offer much more than your average couples counselor, and here’s why:

  1. I have 40 years of experience as a couples therapist succeeding with thousands of couples.
    I’ve brought many couples back from the brink of divorce and through marriage counseling have helped them live together harmoniously.
  2. I use a scientifically proven approach to couples therapy that brings nearly 75% of distressed couples to recovery and 90% to significant improvement.
    It’s called Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) and I’ve had more experience doing it than any other therapist in our part of the nation.
  3. My therapy practice is devoted entirely to solving couple problems, whether I work with both partners or just one.
    Relationship counseling has been my entire focus for most of my 40-year career as a therapist.
  4. I’m both a licensed marriage and family therapist and a licensed psychologist.
    This gives me the special advantage of being highly trained to address both the couple problems and the individual problems that cause relationship pain.
  5. I’ve flown all across the country conducting marriage rescue workshops for couples on the edge of divorce.
    This has given me unique experiences that help me to deliver masterful marriage counseling to Boulder area couples.
  6. I’ve had tremendous success with extramarital affair recovery.
    Over the past 40 years, I’ve developed a unique and highly effective seven-stage Affair Recovery Program that has helped couples from all over the continent.
  7. I do two, three, and four-day marriage counseling weekend intensives for couples who want quick results.
    Couples from all over the United States come for these intensives as well as couples seeking marriage counseling in Boulder.These are the reasons why thousands of couples from across Colorado and throughout the USA have chosen me to work with them.

Here’s what’s possible through couples counseling…

  • Couple CounselingYou can heal the pain and restore lost love.
  • You can discover how to really listen to and hear each other.
  • You can increase trust and feel safer and more secure.
  • You can know that your partner is really there for you when you’re hurting.
  • You can rebuild your commitment to each other.
  • You can get your closeness back and enjoy each other again.

I offer relationship and marriage counseling services in Boulder that I can customize to best meet your unique needs. These include…

Weekly marriage counselingif you want to make steady progress.
At the beginning, you can jump-start your treatment by doing sessions that go longer than the standard one hour.

Marriage counseling weekend intensives if you want to make rapid progress.
I’ll work privately with you and your partner in a highly focused way for two, three, or four days. A great option for Boulder area couples.

The Affair Recovery Program if you want to heal from infidelity.
You need a specialized approach to help you save your relationship.

Faith-based marriage counselingif you want faith to be a part of your therapy experience.

As a master marriage counselor, I can help you create the loving relationship your heart yearns for.

Boulder Marriage Counseling

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Psychologist and master couples therapist Dr. Jay Lindsay provides marriage counseling to couples. Dr. Lindsay has 40 years of experience. His office in Louisville, Colorado serves Boulder, Longmont, Broomfield, and Westminster.

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