Marriage Therapy Approach

“Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT)
brings nearly 75% of distressed couples to recovery
and 90% to significant improvement.”

If you want your relationship to stop hurting and feel good again, then for marriage counseling in Boulder and the surrounding areas you want to see a master marriage counselor who uses a highly effective approach.

How a couples therapist works is extremely important. During the past 40 years, I’ve trained in or have studied virtually every major approach to marriage therapy that exists, and I’ll draw from all of these to heal your relationship pain.

However, I’ll primarily use an approach that has been demonstrated to be highly effective by 30 years of research.

This proven approach that I’ll use to help you is called EFT and I’ve had more experience doing it than any other therapist in our part of the nation.

EFT, or Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, is a powerful, yet gentle approach to marriage counseling in Boulder that can help you repair your broken relationship and bring about real and enduring change. It will help you strengthen your bond and grow together as a couple.

“The results are lasting!” -The American Psychological Association

  • “EFT is a proven roadmap to the process of change in couple therapy.” -Dr. John Gottman
  • “EFT is one of the best documented, most substantive and well-researched approaches to couple therapy.” -Dr. Alan Gurman

With EFT, I can help you to…

  • replace conflict with harmony
  • deepen your emotional connection
  • heal your wounds
  • recover from an affair
  • renew trust and commitment
  • enhance communication and conflict resolution
  • maximize your relationship satisfaction

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EFT is so powerful because it…

  • targets the root cause of relationship discord, emotional disconnectedness
  • approaches transformation through the gateway to change, the emotions
  • utilizes specific interventions shown to be effective by research
  • fosters “key change events” that promote positive relationship change
  • moves couples through three clearly identifiable stages of transformation
  • heals emotional wounds caused by betrayal and abandonment

We know that EFT is highly effective because 30 years of research has proven that it…

  • brings nearly 75% of couples to recovery and 90% to significant improvement
  • results in fully 86% of couples reporting feeling happier in their relationships
  • has a high completion rate… few couples drop out
  • gets timely results… most couples succeed within 12 to 20 sessions
  • gets lasting results… most couples keep their gains, even those at high risk for divorce

My expertise in EFT is one of the main reasons that many seeking marriage counseling in Boulder and the surrounding areas choose me to be their therapist.

I was the first marriage counselor in our seven-state Rocky Mountain region to be fully trained and certified in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. EFT is the primary approach that I use both in weekly couple therapy and on my marriage counseling weekend intensives.

Find out more about my qualifications as a marriage counselor.

If you are looking for marriage counseling in Boulder and vicinity and want to begin benefiting from my knowledge and skill at EFT, call me now at: (720) 598-0990

Master couples therapist and psychologist Dr. Jay Lindsay utilizes Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT) for marriage counseling in Boulder, Colorado. EFT is one of the most researched and effective approaches to marital therapy. Based in Louisville near Boulder, Dr. Lindsay is a marriage counselor who is sought after by couples from all across the country.