Marriage Counseling Louisville CO

Whether you and your partner are in conflict or in crisis, my marriage counseling can help get you back to a loving, supportive relationship that doesn’t hurt all the time.

As a licensed psychologist and licensed marriage and family therapist, I have over the past 35 years provided marriage counseling to several thousand couples in the Louisville, CO area using a scientifically proven approach. I work with both couples in moderate to severe conflict and couples in major crisis. Also, I do both weekly couple therapy and private marriage counseling weekend intensives.Marriage Counseling Louisville co

Here’s an example of a couple I helped who were in significant conflict.

When they first came in, the wife, Sandy, said, “We’re like roommates who fight all the time.” As a result, the closeness and passion had gone out of their relationship.

I met with Bill and Sandy in weekly couple therapy for several months. In our work together I helped them identify and exit from negative interaction patterns that had been keeping them mired in conflict. I then helped them restore their closeness and reclaim their passion.

Now, here’s an example of another couple I helped. This couple was in major crisis. They were teetering on the brink and they needed immediate and intensive intervention.After nineteen years of marriage, Karen suddenly dropped the D-bomb on Steve and announced that she was considering divorce. Until then, Steve had been unhappy about a few things in his marriage, but he wasn’t worried. Now, he was in shock.

With their marriage on the brink and in danger of going over the edge, this couple wanted quick results, so they elected to do a private marriage counseling weekend intensive with me. Together over three days we did 15 hours of concentrated couple therapy.

On their weekend I helped Steve and Karen learn how to identify and meet each other’s relationship needs. As we worked together, they discovered how to open their hearts to each other in new ways. At the end of their intensive Karen said, “I feel closer to Steve than I’ve felt in years.”

Over the past three and one-half decades, I’ve done marriage counseling with several thousand couples in and near Louisville, CO. Some have been in moderate to severe conflict and others have been in major crisis. Some have done weekly couple therapy with me and others have done weekend intensives.

Couples travel from throughout Colorado to do weekly couple therapy with me and from all across the country to participate in my private marriage counseling weekend intensives.

Call me today at 303-545-9828 and connect with your partner again.